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Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions governs relations pertaining to the use of websites Dating24 (hereinafter referred to as the Website, Websites), services by Dating24, between Dating24 and a private individual (hereinafter referred to as the Member).

Dating website registration of the Member confirms his or her joining this present Terms and Conditions.

By accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the Member:

1. Confirms that he or she has read present Terms and Conditions.
2. Proves, that his/her age is 18 years or over.
3. Is personally responsible for the information that they put up on this Website as well as for the security and confidentiality of the data that is used to set up the account.
4. Undertakes to use the Website in accordance with the effective and applicable relevant laws.
5. Is committed to not publish email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contact details.
6. Undertakes not to publish slander, profanities, insults, pornographic or other immoral materials. Undertakes do not publish materials which demonstrate or promote violence, terror or abuse and all other materials in violation of the law.
7. Undertakes not to enter, without the Dating24's consent, into transactions or offer to conclude transactions with other Members in respect of any goods or services. Undertakes not to use the Website for distribution of advertisement or illegal propaganda.
8. Provides gratis with the non-exclusive right to reproduce, spread, translate, change and also report materials added to the Website by Member or sent by Member to Dating24 in any way that grants any person interactive access to it from any location and in any time of their choice (the publication right), and also agrees to the publishing and further usage of his/her image in case if it is contained in the materials, added by the Member to the Website or turned over to Dating24 in any other way.
9. Realizes that materials provided by him/her can be accessible by other Members whose actions are not Dating24's responsibility.
10. Is allowed to have only one account in the service.
11. Agrees to receive the newsletter.

Dating24 reserves its right:

1. Modify the Website at its discretion.
2. To provide Members with free and payable services (hereinafter referred to as the Services).
3. Make changes in this Terms and Conditions unilaterally. Dating24 informs Members about the changes by placing renewed Terms and Conditions on the Website. Renewed Terms and Conditions takes effect from the moment it appears on the Website.
4. Edit or delete materials published by the Member on the Website if they breach of these Terms and Conditions.
5. Refuse in rendering services to Members in the case of their violation of Terms and Conditions. Dating24 will not refund any payments for services.
6. Use the information about the Member and also materials, published by him/her on the website in the open access particularly with purpose of advertising materials development, placing the materials on the Dating24 partners' websites and other.
7. Assign the rights granted by the Member in this Terms and Conditions to third parties for the purposes of performance of this Terms and Conditions without the Member's consent.
8. Not to return any payments for services.

Dating24 will not be held liable:

1. For the contents, accuracy and authenticity of materials published by Member.
2. For causing damage, detriment, data loss or for causing any other losses to any person during use of the site including the use of cell phones or any other communication devices.
3. Liable for infringement of any copyright and other third parties' rights by the Member arising out of illegal publishing of any materials in violation of the applicable legislation (including any copyright law) uploaded by the Member on the Website or transferred by them to Dating24 in any other way.


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